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Rainier Pruning: Good For Trees and People


Oak tree at the corner of Rainier Ave S and S Henderson St.

On March 12th and 13th, SDOT Urban Forestry field crews wrapped up a large pruning project including approximately 159 trees on .4 miles of Rainier Ave S from S Cloverdale St to 51st Ave S.  Various city departments, including SPD, SDOT and DON, have been coordinating with community residents and business owners through a Neighborhood Action Team.  Tree maintenance contributes to the overall goal of improving safety in the area. The pruning improved the aesthetics and health of the trees, while reducing infrastructure conflicts and allowing more light to reach the sidewalk and street.  King County Metro de-energized trolley lines to ensure safe access to branches growing close to the overhead conductors.  The work was scheduled for two weekends, but was accomplished in one, saving SDOT $24,000!  The next time you’re on Rainier Ave S, take a moment to admire the large oak trees and the skilled work that keeps them beautiful.