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Racing Around (without a car)

From a gal in Capitol Hill, who is six months into her first year of being car free after participating in SDOT’s One Less Car Challenge

“I am loving not having a car. Without a car, I am more intentional and strategic about how I move around the city. I still get a Zipcar for the occasional errand, but instead of driving I find that I am discovering and supporting local businesses in my area. I am a runner who lives on Capitol Hill. I used to drive down to the water, so I could do long runs on a flat pathway; now I challenge myself with the hills around me. Thanks to one less car, I just might get a record in my next half marathon! “

Maybe SDOT should create a One Less Car Challenge race jersey and sponsor her for the next half marathon she runs!

In the meantime if you are not ready to sell your car but think you could cut a couple trips a week (come on, Earth Day is next week and you win prizes for this too) sign up for our Walk Bike Ride Challenge.