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Baby Birds!

While bridge inspection and maintenance work can be challenging, it does have some benefits. Like the chance to help protect and support vulnerable species like the peregrine falcon. 

Last week SDOT staff inspected the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge using specialized equipment to access the structure’s underside. The Seattle Urban Peregrine Project took advantage of this work to band new peregrine chicks residing in a nest there. As a result, four healthy and feisty peregrine chicks are now sporting new bands.           

Banding helps provides valuable information about the birds’ movement and migration habits. The Peregrine Project tells us that the current female at the high-rise bridge came from a nest on a crane at the Port of Olympia. 

Having assisted with the nest box’s placement on the bridge in the late 1990s, SDOT is a long-term supporter of this wildlife effort. The site has produced young each year since 2005 and, as our work allows, SDOT supports the Seattle Urban Peregrine Project in banding new falcon chicks. With only five breeding peregrine falcon pairs in Seattle, the department is pleased to do our small part in supporting these beautiful birds.