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Making a Transit Vision Happen

Nearly all the buses and trains in Seattle are run by other agencies, so does the City of Seattle have a role in creating a vision of what our transit system will look like in the future?

Actually, the City of Seattle plays a vital role in creating the vision of Seattle’s transit future, and then works to make that vision a reality. 

First, the City established the principal of how the City grows—new homes and businesses are focused into existing “urban centers” like Downtown and South Lake Union and into business districts like Ballard and West Seattle Junction.  You can already see how this is making these areas more vibrant and easier to serve.

Building on that foundation, the City created the 2005 Seattle Transit Plan, with the vision to connect those centers of activity with reliable, frequent transit service nearly all day, every day.  Gosh, that’s just downright sensible!

Learn about how we’re working on the next evolution of our transit vision and the many ways the City has worked to increase transit service and evolved our streets so those buses and trains carrying lots of people can move quickly and reliably through town.  It’s all in the June edition of the Walk Bike Rider e-newsletter.

This edition also has what you’ve come to expect from the Walk Bike Rider—useful and quick tips, tools and inspiration to help you get around by foot, bike and transit.  Oh, and be sure to read about how more and more zombies are choosing transit…

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