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Taking a Look at the Arbor Heights Microsurfacing Project

This year SDOT extended the life of many streets in Arbor Heights through a preventive maintenance program called microsurfacing. Microsurfacing is a thin layer of emulsion applied to the surface of the road to seal minor cracks and keep out water. This “seal coat” protects pavement that is in good… [ Keep reading ]

Crack Sealing in Southeast

Right now our street maintenance crews are filling cracks in our streets as part of our Crack Seal program. Crack sealing helps keep streets in good condition. This means fewer potholes and other deterioration. And that means we don’t have to repave or rebuild our roads as often. SDOT fills… [ Keep reading ]

Why are there white paint marks on my street?

That’s a question we’ve been hearing lately from folks in Arbor Heights and Fauntleroy. If you see white paint on streets in these neighborhoods, chances are you’re looking at a spot where SDOT will make minor repairs such as filling potholes, cracks and depressions this winter. (Paint is also used… [ Keep reading ]

Microsurfacing: SDOT’s New Method to Preserve Residential Streets

SDOT’s preventative maintenance programs extend the life of streets which are in good condition and postpone the day when we need to rebuild them. This year SDOT conducted a pilot project using microsurfacing, a preservation treatment that is seeing growing use by transportation agencies. Microsurfacing is a thin layer of… [ Keep reading ]

Cyclists, Please Be Aware of Chip Sealing in Greenwood and Crown Hill

Street Maintenance staff are chip sealing many streets in Greenwood and Crown Hill this month.  Chip sealing is a preventative treatment to maintain residential streets so they don’t deteriorate into expensive reconstruction projects.  You’ve got to appreciate the term “chip seal” because it pretty much tells you what’s involved: Chips: … [ Keep reading ]

Ah, Summer – Sunshine, Blue Skies, and Crack Sealing

Summer in Seattle means many wonderful things: grilling in the sunshine, enjoying amazing views, or just taking in our wonderful weather.  To SDOT, summer means preventive maintenance programs for pavement.  One of these programs is crack sealing: filling cracks in the pavement to protect our streets.  As avid SDOT blog… [ Keep reading ]

Sidewalk Repairs near Low Income Housing

Seattle’s Pedestrian Master Plan set an ambitious goal: make Seattle the most walkable city in America. Reaching this goal requires a multi-pronged approach, and the first prong you might think of is obvious: fix our broken sidewalks. SDOT’s Sidewalk Safety Repair Program (SSRP) was created to help catch up on… [ Keep reading ]

Focused Fixes Stretch our Repair Dollars

Everyone is familiar with the work of SDOT’s pothole rangers, and you can’t miss those big capital projects where we rehabilitate long stretches of streets.  (Think N 105th / NE Northgate Way or the Delridge Way SW projects happening in this year.) But what about pavement issues that are too… [ Keep reading ]

Madrona Sidewalk Safety Project

Starting this Saturday, SDOT will improve a Madrona sidewalk at the south end of the 900 block of 34th Avenue to help pedestrians travel more safely. The sidewalk in this area is damaged and has been significantly uplifted by roots from trees that are too large for their small tree pits.  Just… [ Keep reading ]

Crack Sealing: Rejuvenation Treatment for Roads?

Like everyone and everything else in the world, pavement doesn’t last forever.  Every year Seattle’s streets get older and develop more imperfections, like cracks. But SDOT has ways to improve the condition and extend the life of our streets, postponing the day we need to repave or rebuild them. Water… [ Keep reading ]