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Ship Canal Trail Construction Begins Soon

Construction on the long-awaited final segment of the Ship Canal Trail is expected to begin in early September.  One of the many hurdles the project team had to overcome was the successful negotiation of permits to move private utility lines to a new location – necessary before Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad tracks could then also be relocated.  Then came the actual relocation of the water line serving industry in the area (completed in early July) followed by BNSF’s re-installation of tracks; railroad crossings; and a railroad signal – work that is wrapping up this month (photos below).

Before Phase II Contract 2 of the Ship Canal Trail Project could begin, BNSF had to install approximately 1,600 feet of railroad track, both mainline and industry; pave the 13th Avenue W and W Blewett Way intersection as well as an area access road; and build the three new railroad crossings – all on BNSF right-of-way.  Remaining steps include relocating a segment of a high pressure gas line followed by the actual construction of the trail!!!

Phase II Contract 2 of the Ship Canal Trail Project takes the trail from 11th Avenue West to Emerson Street near Fisherman’s Terminal, where it joins an existing bike path along Emerson Street.  Once completed, the Ship Canal Trail will make it possible to bicycle from Redmond to downtown Seattle almost entirely on dedicated bicycle facilities.  Project completion is expected by the end of this year.