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New and Improved North 34th Street

North 34th Street approaching Fremont Avenue North

SDOT’s Paving and Multi-Modal Programs teamed up to create a beautiful new complete street in the heart of Fremont.  This Bridging the Gap funded project has transformed North 34th Street with new pavement, new “green” bike features, and pedestrian improvements as well. 

Paving crews resurfaced 34th Street from Stone Way to Fremont Avenue creating a smooth ride for the wide variety of traffic that utilizes this street.  Trucks and bikers will appreciate the completely reconstructed intersection at N 34th Street and Stone Way N.  This junction provides a significant link for bikers connecting to the Burke-Gilman Trail and bike lanes on both Stone Way N and 34th Street, and heavy trucks will find making their way to the city transfer station just east of this intersection much improved.     

At the intersection of 34th and Fremont Avenue North, new green bike features will reduce conflicts between drivers and cyclists.  This intersection commonly used by bikers provides connections to bike routes that head in every direction: south via Westlake to downtown, west via Nickerson to Seattle Pacific University and Magnolia, north via Fremont to Woodland Park and Phinney Ridge, and east via 34th and the Burke Gilman Trail to Wallingford and the UW.  Green bike lanes have been installed on 34th in both directions near Fremont Avenue and a new green bike box is now in place for bikers headed west on 34th or for those turning south toward the Fremont Bridge.

Waiting for the Interurban and the green light

The purpose of the green bike box at this intersection is to prevent collisions between drivers turning left and cyclists.  The bike box makes cyclists more visible to drivers.  Green bike lanes are installed in areas where there may be a conflict between motorists and bicyclists and remind traffic to look for others on the roadway. 

Sidewalk work and curb ramp installation along the corridor promise to enhance conditions for pedestrians as well.  These improvements make access to transit and the thriving Fremont neighborhood commercial district more enjoyable for everyone.