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The Trees Have Arrived


Unloading trees from the trailer

On Wednesday October 12, a tractor trailer arrived at SDOT’s West Seattle Yard carrying a live cargo of 143 trees.  SDOT Urban Forestry gardeners unloaded the trees and are storing them until planting starts in early November.  Seven species of trees were purchased: paperbark maple, serviceberry, crabapple, Persian ironwood, American hornbeam, elm, and Italian oak.

Most of the trees were in containers-plastic pots that could be moved by one or two people.  Some of the paperbark maples had 1.5” diameter trunks and larger rootballs, which weighed several hundred pounds.  These were difficult to maneuver out of the trailer and into the nursery area, but the gardeners managed, using hard work, cooperation, and a truck with a lift gate.