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Adding Green to the Greenway

SDOT Urban Forestry field crews have been planting trees this week along the brand new Beacon Hill Greenway.  They have planted about seventy trees on 18th Ave S from S Massachusetts Street to S Stevens St.  We planted a mix of small and large trees—small trees under overhead power lines and large trees in less restricted spaces.   The small trees were paperbark maples, Persian ironwood and ‘Royal Raindrops’ crabapples, while the large trees were ‘Native Flame’ American hornbeam and ‘Emerald Sunshine’ elm.    

Urban Forestry received a request from a neighborhood group called Beacon B.I.K.E.S. (Better Infrastructure Keeping Everyone Safe) to plant trees along 18th Ave S from S Massachusetts St to S Stevens St.  The local group is working to develop Neighborhood Greenways on Beacon Hill and asked us to partner to plant trees.   Neighborhood Greenways are residential streets with reduced vehicle speeds that facilitate walking and bicycling.     

We sent a letter to all residents scheduled for trees prior to planting to let them know about the project, giving them a choice of species, and letting them opt out if they did not want a tree planted.  Over thirty percent of residents opted out, many fearing increased maintenance from dropping leaves.  However, other residents saw the crews planting trees and requested planting on nearby streets.  Where possible, we found spots for the unwanted trees.   Several neighbors have thanked the tree-planting crews for their work.  The members of Beacon B.I.K.E.S. have also expressed their gratitude and are very pleased with the results.