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SDOT’s Emergency Service Crews Keep Us Safe 24/7

SDOT keeps Seattle’s roadways safe for the public at all times.  

The number of dangers that can befall our transportation system without warning could keep you up at night.  Just consider: sink holes, fallen trees or limbs, oil spills, lost loads of gravel or lumber, defective pavement areas such as potholes, minor erosion, downed power lines, crashes which damage guardrails or traffic signs, ice on bridges or bascule (draw) bridges temporarily out of order.   The list goes on.

These hazardous conditions and restrictions of the roadway require a swift response.   That’s where SDOT’s Street Maintenance Emergency Service Crews come in.  

Just as firefighters and paramedics are first on the scene to address fire and medical situations, our Emergency Service Crews are the first on the scene to assess the situation and take immediate actions to address safety, environmental  and access issues affecting our transportation system.   This can include everything from cleaning spills to filling potholes to barricading the area until additional resources arrive. 

Of course sinkholes, fallen trees and the like don’t happen just from nine to five, so SDOT provides Emergency Service Crews long after our staff working the day shift goes home for the night.  We’re at the ready and on the scene every day, night, weekend and holiday so our roads are kept safe 24/7/365.