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Once Around the Web: Watch Out!

It’s video round-up time!

Huge Biomimetic ‘Supertrees’ Taking Root on Singapore’s Waterfront
Look Out Trees — Here Come Supertrees!
Treehugger has put together a great post about the vertical garden “Supertrees” that are a piece of the Gardens by the Bay project which is expected to open on June 29, 2012.  Each Supertree is 82 to 164 feet tall and is designed to be covered with 200 species of diverse plants; from climbers, flowers, bromeliads to epiphytes and ferns. The video shows elements from the whole Gardens By The Bay project. Some amazing and wonderful things are blooming in Singapore.  Maybe you’ll get some ideas for Seattle’s Waterfront Project?


San Francisco: Reclaiming Streets With Innovative Solutions
In San Francisco car space is becoming people space!  Take a few moments to enjoy this video and see what inventive techniques they are using to rework the city.  Which ideas would you like to see Seattle try (or try more often)?


Neighborhoods Built Around Transit Make Life Easier for Seniors, Improve Quality of Life for Everyone
Streetfilms teamed up with the Public Policy Institute at AARP to bring you a look at how Arlington, Virginia plans for its senior population using transit-oriented development (TOD). TOD can make life easier for older people, allowing them more independence and a better quality of life. It’s also better for the environment and makes for more vibrant neighborhoods – which means it’s good for all of us.


Amazing Video Shows All Roads, Air, and Shipping Routes on Earth Like Never Before!
‘Welcome to the Anthropocene’ is a short film shows just how much humans are changing the Earth, and how our roads and shipping lanes basically cover the whole planet.


Real Life Scary Movie! Chinese Woman Swallowed by Sudden Hole in the Sidewalk
You’ve gotta watch where you’re going (as the bear video showed us) but sometimes danger lurks where you can’t see it, let alone avoid it. Urban sinkholes are becoming more and more common in China leading to more scary and dangerous moments like this one.


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