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Are you Biking to Work this Friday?!

Have you ever thought about riding your bike to work for fun or exercise?  There no better time than Friday, May 18.  It is Bike to Work Day and thousands of bikers will be hitting the road and commuting by two wheels rather than four!

Bike to Work Day is annual event and has been used to inspire many folks to try riding to work for the first time.  Biking to work can be a challenge, but with a little pre-planning and thought many of the obstacles can be overcome fairly easily.  Below are a few of the common questions heard?

Where do I park my bike?
Many buildings in the downtown area have secure bike parking.  Check with your building management about availability and access.

What route should I follow?
The City of Seattle just released a new on-line bike map to help you pick the best route to get from home to work and back.

Can I ride on the street or sidewalk?
Bicyclists must follow the same rules of the road as other vehicles!

Where can I take a shower or get cleaned up after my ride?
Check with your building management to if there are locker facilities in your building.  Many of the new buildings offer these facilities.  If that is not an option, check with a local gym as many offer day passes.  As a last resort, you can always clean up in the bathroom at work.  Many long-time riders utilize this option daily.

How do I get my clothes and shoes to work?
Plan ahead!  Many riders will bring stuff in the day before or have a revolving set up items they keep at their desk.  Most items needed for one day can be packed neatly in a back pack for the day.

What if I can only ride one way?
King County Metro is encouraging folks to try biking and busing to work this week.  Any cyclist who puts loads their bike on a bus May 14 – 18 rides free.  For information on how and where to load your bike on a bus, please visit King County Metro.

There are many sources available to help your ride from home to work a success.  The Cascade Bicycle Club is a good resource and they have a host of links, tips and ideas available on their commuter webpage.    In addition, the Bicycle Alliance of Washington has a great commuter page that will provide you with solid resources and articles that will help make your trip a little less eventful.

And finally, REI has pulled together a fun and useful video about urban cycling!  Trying something new is always as little intimidating, however, Bike to Work Day provides a great opportunity and you’ll be in good company!