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Once Around the Web: Gimme Shelter

This one is delicious!

Maybe you’re tired, maybe it’s raining, maybe you’re just bored – but waiting for the bus can be a frustrating experience, even if your bus is on time!

This blog post: What if bus stops were designed as if bus stops really mattered? talks about some of the innovations in bus shelter design. Paris is currently piloting “the bus stop of the future” that includes, maps, music, a lending library, electric bikes, coffee machines, and of course, some place to sit. Crafted by urban designer Marc Aurel, it is packed with both style and convenience. The design seeks “to blend into the urban environment, with a ‘transport facade’ and an ‘urban facade’ with each side catering for their respective user.”  Notably, “the stop is completely modular and its size can therefore be tailored to specific locations.”

More images  available here.

Seattle has a large number of basic, but very colorful bus shelters scattered around the city thanks to Metro’s Bus Shelter Mural Program.  Since 1989, Metro’s unique program to involve youth and other members of the community in designing and painting bus shelter murals, has been responsible for over 700 colorful pieces of art around the city.

See some more images here.

You’ve probably noticed the new RapidRide shelters going in around Seattle.  RapidRide shelters come in several different sizes, designed to meet different ridership demand levels at the various RapidRide stops, and also to respond to a variety of site constraints.  They are also pretty snazzy looking.

Around the world you’ll find a wide variety of interesting and unique bus shelters. Here are a few of the coolest ones.

This one is delicious!


This one is a skateboard ramp!


This one is air-conditioned!


This one warms you up!


This one’s shape shifts from a bus to a house!


This one is a bunny!