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Watch out for striping crews!

Summer is officially here and the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) crews are out all over the city restriping roadway markings – lane lines along arterials, crosswalks and bike lanes and sharrows.  This work is an annual rite of summer and there is a small window to get this work completed as dry weather is critical to allowing the markings to adhere to the surface which helps them last longer.

Crosswalks restriped.

So far in 2012, SDOT crews have restriped 462 lane-mile of arterial roadway, remarked 331 crosswalks and restriped more than 26 lane-miles of bike lanes and sharrows.  The majority of funding for restriping work is provided by Bridging the Gap (BTG), a nine-year transportation levy passed by voters in 2006.  

Restriping work is a critical piece to keeping our roads safe and,  thanks to BTG,  we will restripe 1,148 arterial street lane-miles, remark 300 crosswalks and maintain 40 miles of on-street bicycle facilities this year.  Since BTG began in 2007, SDOT has restriped 5,400 arterial street lane-miles, remarked more than 3,600 crosswalks and maintained more than 100 miles of on-street bicycle facilities. 

Freshly restriped lanes and remarked bike lane.

Please remember to give crews plenty of space as they work to keep our roads well marked and safe!  Please follow any detours or temporary reroutes that have been established, as our crews are working quickly to cover a lot of ground in a short time frame. 

Please visit the Bridging the Gap web page for additional information about the program.