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Northgate Construction Update: Completing Phase One

The NE Northgate Way & 5th Avenue NE Intersection and Pedestrian Improvements Project (say THAT fast five times) soon moves to Phase Two.  This week, crews have been installing sections of stamped concrete cross walk, constructing sidewalks, paving the roadway and building a landscaped median (on NE Northgate Way just west of Fifth Avenue NE).  

NE Northgate Way looking east, toward Fifth Avenue NE

This first phase of construction is expected to be complete by the end of next week – meaning the majority of work on the southwest corner will be complete.  Construction then begins on the southeast corner. 

Many of this project’s community-driven improvements take place in Phase Two, including the addition of a second left-hand turn lane on westbound NE Northgate Way (to reduce congestion and pollution from idling vehicles) onto southbound Fifth Avenue NE. Before that can be done, crews must salvage plants, remove trees along the area marked for widening, and pour concrete for new curbs.  Removed trees will be replaced two-for-one in the immediate area.  Though the new trees will be smaller, they will be established trees that can help renew the Northgate canopy.  Trees that can be saved are surrounded in orange-wrapped fencing. 

West side of Fifth Avenue NE, just south of NE Northgate Way

As construction continues, crews will likely work more weekend hours to ensure the project wraps up before the busy holiday shopping season.  

Remember: Eastbound NE Northgate Way will remain restricted to one lane for the duration of the project and other lane reductions will be in place intermittently – though local access will be maintained. 

That’s it for now!  We’ll strive to keep you posted, and if you have a concern call the project hotline for a response within one business day or less: