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Be Super Safe Seattle!

Today Mayor McGinn and SDOT announced the launch of Seattle’s Road Safety Action Plan and the beginning of a new road safety campaign – Be Super Safe Seattle!

The goal of the Action Plan and the campaign is to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries on Seattle’s Streets. That’s right, eliminate!

Mayor McGinn, Dr. David Fleming of Public Health – Seattle & King County, Doug Palm of PATH, and Cathy Tuttle of Seattle Neighborhood Greenways all spoke about the importance of traveling safely whether you’re a pedestrian, on a bike,  or in a car.

To promote safety on our streets, the Road Safety Action Plan focuses on six key areas:

  1. Creating a culture of empathy on Seattle’s roads – making sure we’re taking the time to look out for each other!
  2. Fewer people speeding – higher speed crashes lead to more serious injuries!
  3. Fewer people traveling distracted – distracted driving is now the number one killer of teenagers in America!
  4. Fewer people traveling impaired – impairment is a factor in 48% of fatal crashes in Seattle!
  5. More people who know and follow the rules of the road – we all need to take the time to learn how our roads are changing!
  6. Safe roadway design for all – for all modes and people of all ages and abilities!


Dr. Fleming reminded the audience that crashes due to speeding, distraction, and impairment are NOT accidents. They are 100% preventable by simply focusing on the road and using it safely.

Doug Palm of PATH spoke about how making simple decisions like waiting for the walk signal to cross a street or slowing down and paying attention behind the wheel, will immediately make our streets safer. It’s immediate change that we can all work to achieve.

Take the time to learn more and read the Road Safety Action Plan at

Remember, no matter how you go, BE SUPER SAFE SEATTLE!