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Replacing Parking Lost to the Alaskan Way Viaduct Project

Did you hear? SDOT and WSDOT have partnered to develop a $30 million mitigation plan to address the parking lost due to the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Project. This plan would create short-term parking (less than four-hours) nearby in the Seattle waterfront and Pioneer Square areas that is both convenient and affordable. Also, part of the money would be used to bring  additional short-term parking to the waterfront and Pioneer Square, including partnerships for mixed-use facilities with public, short-term parking. The Washington State Department of Transportation issued an RFI to begin the process of seeking such a partnership (see the notice in the Aug. 16 DJC. for more information about this).

SDOT and WSDOT have been busy this spring and summer implementing parking mitigation projects such as when the old trolley tracks along Alaskan Way were removed to create about 65 new spaces, which addresses a portion of the 270 spaces lost during construction thus far. They’ve also launched a marking effort to let customers and other visitors know there is plenty of off-street parking available along the waterfront and in Pioneer Square during construction. A great resource for this information is the Web site If you’re planning a trip to the waterfront, check it out.