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The Pirate Speaks, “Learnin’ how t’ Park”

Ahoy mateys! Today, September 19, be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. In honor, SDOT be post’n two educational videos that we made this summer to highlight our salt-blastedly new on-street parking rules in many Seattle neighborhoods.  Th’ videos have special guests relevant fer today.

After 5

After 5 provides 3-hour parking after 5 pm in the eight neighborhoods with evening paid parking (until 8 pm). This way, ye can park after 5 pm an’ stay out all blitheringly even’n.

Best Value

In business districts where parking be unseaworthily hard to find, look for “Best Value” green parking signs that show where spaces might be available a wee wee bit farther from th’ core area. Go fer a little walk!