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Northgate Way Project to finish paving before Turkey Day!

The NE Northgate Way & Fifth Avenue NE Intersection and Pedestrian Improvements project is on schedule to finish all the paving and landscape elements prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.  This includes all the roadway paving; new curbs and sidewalks; the median west of Fifth Avenue NE; street trees; and landscaping.  The project will be suspended over the holidays between Thanksgiving and New Year, after which the final elements of the project – the new signals – will be installed.  Meanwhile, for the holiday season all lanes and sidewalks will be reopened and traffic will be controlled by a temporary signal system until the new hardware arrives and is installed in January.  This month the construction team is building new curbs, sidewalks and crosswalks and installing underground wiring for a new street signal.

Southeast corner of intersection, looking north

Looking south, toward southeast corner of intersection

Crosswalk from northeast to northwest corner of intersection

Southeast corner of intersection – curb and sidewalk work close-up

As of November crews expect to have Fifth Avenue NE opened up fully to traffic, as well as westbound NE Northgate Way.  Eastbound NE Northgate Way will be limited to one lane until the third week of November.  Once complete, this project will help all traffic modes move more smoothly and safely through this historically congested intersection.