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“Ride up and be counted” on the Fremont Bridge

New “Eco-Totem” bike counter on Fremong Bridge

An estimated one million bike trips will be made across the Fremont Bridge this year, one of the busiest locations counted in the city of Seattle.  A new “Eco-totem” was installed on October 11 at the north end of the bridge with an LED digital display showing the daily count. Using a column of lights, the totem also shows by increments  how many bikes have passed since the beginning of the year.  With this continuous, ongoing count we can more accurately track the increasing number of trips made on two wheels.

The totem provides a visual reminder to cyclists that their contribution to protecting the environment, reducing traffic congestion, and promoting healthy life styles is being counted.

The data from the new bike counter supplements the city-wide spot-count data that measure the city’s progress toward getting more people to travel by bike. The data will also help determine what additional bike facilities would be most beneficial.

This is the second Eco-Totem installed in U.S. — the first was installed in Portland.  The equipment, installation, and first year’s maintenance was given to the city of Seattle by Cascade Bicycle Club, thanks to a $30,000 donation from the Mark and Susan Torrance Foundation.

Data from the counter is downloaded daily at 5 a.m. and then posted to the website.

Cool photos from the Seattle PI: