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Maynard Joy for the holidays…

It’s been said (by John Keats) that a thing of beauty is a joy forever – and so, now, is Maynard Avenue South, between South King and Weller streets, complete with art that celebrates the culture of this Chinatown-International District.

Bronze inlay in new sidewalk along Maynard Avenue South


This beauty is the result of the Maynard Avenue South Neighborhood Street Fund Project that, this fall, built a new sidewalk extension along Maynard Avenue South; made pedestrian safety improvements; added new trees and plantings; and installed art inlays.  Prior to the project work this street segment, between South King and Weller streets, was not a very joyous pedestrian experience.  Below are before (left side) and after (right side) photos to illustrate the change.

The transformation began with Maynard identified as a Green Street in the Livable South Downtown Plan.  The term Green Street is defined in the Seattle Right-of-Way Improvements Manual as a street right-of-way which gives priority

to pedestrian circulation and open space over other transportation uses. They are non-arterial streets where landscaping, historic character elements, traffic calming and other unique features distinguish the streets from other street types.  The intent is that each has its own unique character and design, building on and reflecting the neighborhood context. 

The Maynard Avenue South Neighborhood Street FundProject accomplished these goals by expanding the sidewalk area, as well as adding a trench drain, sidewalk bronze inlays and landscaping. 

 In summary, maybe it should be said that a thing of great effort is a joy at completion?  Bravo neighborhood champions for bringing the joy of project vision and completion to light!