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Once Around the Web: Worth Several Thousand Words

Let’s look at some pretty and some pretty amazing pictures today!

WSDOT has done a fantastic job with their blog post “2012 in Pictures” — from last January’s snow to the Ship Canal Bridge Peregrine falcons to the SR 99 tunnel progress and many more memorable moments. Take a moment and check it out.

Am I the cutest or what?
Follow the entire account of falcon banding on WSDOT’s Storify site.


Next, Atlantic Cities takes us on a tour of street art by French artist Oakoak:

“Most of us see a cracked sidewalk, a wall of peeling paint or a crumbling roadway, and our first instinct is to whine about urban decay. Oakoak sizes up the same imperfections, largely in his industrial French hometown of St. Etienne…”

And The Atlantic asks: Is it still street art, if you can only see it online?

Take a look at some amazing GIF-iti (more at the link above)!

On January 9, 1863 the London Underground began operation. As the world’s oldest underground railway, the Tube holds a special place in the hearts of many. And at 150 years old, it’s still looking pretty good.  Today, Transport for London estimates around 3.5 million journeys are made on the network each day, across 11 lines serving 270 stations.

Lastly, let’s continue our trip back in time and enjoy the World’s Oldest Dash Cam Video (Probably). This madcap dash through 1920s New York gives us a glimpse into what it was like trying to get to a fire before people embraced the concept of “Move Right for Sirens and Lights”.

“The roads are clogged with aimless pedestrians, slow-moving cars and imposing trolleys that Kenlon’s crew play chicken with. Faced with a clot of gridlock, the driver crunches gears and guns it onto the sidewalk.”