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Accountability by committee oversight


The Bridging the Gap (BTG) Levy Oversight Committee was established as part of the voter approved transportation levy in 2006.  A dedicated group of 15 community members, the committee meets quarterly to track the progress of BTG and ensure that the program is delivering on the promises made to voters. 

The committee provides accountability on the use of BTG funds.  This is accomplished through monitoring revenues, expenditures and deliverables at their quarterly meetings.  Working closely with SDOT, the committee has actively focused on how BTG funding is being incorporated into the various SDOT programs ensuring integration with the overall goals. 

The committee believes that one way to guarantee accountability is to be accessible to the public.  To support accessibility, each of the BTG quarterly meetings is open to the public, with time set aside for residents  to share their views on BTG issues. 

The committee meets in the Boards and Commissions room (L-260) in City Hall from 6 – 8 p.m.  The meeting dates scheduled for 2013 are January 31, April 23, July 25 and October 29.  If you are interested in how your tax dollars are allocated, why not mark your calendar and join us this Thursday for the first meeting of the year.  Who knows, maybe you’ll end up aspiring to serve on a future committee.

For more information, please visit BTG Levy Oversight Committee website.