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Bridging the Gap (BTG) 2013 Goals, Part 2


BTG-funded crossing improvement at Green Lake Way N and NE 71st Street


Last week’s post focused more on the larger projects supported by BTG – bridges, paving, trees and the Neighborhood Street Fund Large Projects.  This week we will look at the work plans for pedestrians, bikes and traffic management operations. 

Since the BTG initiative was passed by Seattle voters in 2006, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has pulled together ambitious work plans each year and 2013 is no exception.  This year the last 700 linear feet of inferior guardrail will be replaced and crews will also focus on replacing and repairing crash cushions at key roadway points across the city.  SDOT crews will also rehabilitate three stairways and construct seven blocks of new sidewalk.

More work to be completed in 2013:

  • SDOT will install 2,000 new regulatory signs and new street name signs will be installed at 1,575 intersections. 
  • Crews will make 42 crossing improvements, complete eight Safe Routes to School projects, construct 130 new curb ramps and install pedestrian countdown signals at 25 intersections.
  • More than 850 lane miles of arterial roadway will be restriped, 500 crosswalks will also be restriped and 70 miles of on-street bicycle facilities will be maintained. 
  • SDOT will inspect 40 miles of trails and bikeways, and install 25 miles of signed bicycle routes, seven and a half miles of greenways, seven miles of bike lanes and sharrows, and 400 bicycle parking spaces across the city. 
  • 44,000 transit service hours will be maintained: one priority bus corridor project will be designed; and five strategic spot improvements will be constructed. Spot improvements may include bus bulbs, signal prioritization and sidewalk improvements.

Through the first six years of the levy, the city has delivered on the promises made by Bridging the Gap. We have constructed more than 90 blocks of new sidewalk; installed more than 41,000 new regulatory signs; replaced street names signs at 8,298 intersections; improved walking routes more than 30 schools; remarked 4,100 crosswalks; installed 129 miles of bike route signage; striped 143 miles of bike lanes and sharrows; upgraded 10,500 linear-feet of guardrail; and installed pedestrian countdown signals at 184 intersections.  Each of these projects help residents of Seattle navigate the city a little easier and a little more safely. For more information about BTG’s goals and progress on meeting those targets, please visit the BTG web page.