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Not Britain’s FAB Four, but Seattle’s FAB Twelve!

The Seattle Freight Advisory Board that is…

Did you know that the Seattle Department of Transportation has a freight advisory board? As one of the world’s global gateways and a major entry point into North America, the freight system in cover 3 - train and truck cab RESIZEthe Pacific Northwest reaches far beyond this region’s boundaries and involves a mix of public and private ownership – a complex system of roadways, rail lines, and sea and air routes, as well as the intermodal terminals that connect them. The Seattle Freight Advisory Board (SFAB) was established when the Seattle City Council adopted Resolution 31243 in September 2010 with the goal of creating a formal advisory body for freight issues. This board advises the Mayor, the City Council, and all departments and offices of the city in the development of a functional and efficient freight system, and on all matters related to freight and the impact that actions by the city may have on the freight environment.

The SFAB is composed of 12 regular members – six appointed by the Mayor, five appointed by the Council and one representing the Port of Seattle. The current members of the Board represent a diverse mix of freight and transportation backgrounds, for example – the Longshoreman’s Union representative, the former City Traffic Engineer for Seattle and also Kirkland, a Metro Transit driver, a UW Assistant Professor of Environmental and Civil Engineering, and the President and General Manager of a local oil company.

Trucks  Dock RESIZEThe Board provides input on City policies, plans and projects as they may relate to freight capacity, safety, access and mobility throughout the City, with a particular focus on the City’s industrial lands, and the business they support. In addition, they provide comment on planned freight mobility projects and prepare an annual report to the City Council.

Board meetings are on the third Tuesday of each month from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in City Hall, 600 Fourth Avenue, Room L-280, Second level. If you’re interested in this topic, why not drop in; the public is welcome to attend.

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