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Spring has sprung…at least on my calendar!

The arrival of spring-like weather has many Seattleites itching to get outside and get active!  The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is working to make that happen and to make it easier to get around once you do venture outdoors.  Thanks to the Bridging the Gap (BTG) transportation initiative SDOT crews have been busy inspecting urban trails and bikeways across the city.

April 2 2013 BTG photos 022 RESIZESo far this year, SDOT crews have inspected more than 40 miles of trail and are gearing up to make more than 10 spot improvements at key spots along our urban trails.  Spot improvements can range from filling a pothole, to trimming tree roots or repaving small sections of trail to keep them smooth and easy to navigate for all users.  Not only have our crews been busy inspecting trails they have also been busy installing new signage along 15 miles of bike routes.  All of this work comes ahead of the upcoming Bike to Work Month (May) and the summer cycling season.

Since BTG began in 2007, SDOT crews have inspected a total of 136 miles of urban trails and bike ways, made more than 160 spot improvements and installed new signs along more than 130 miles of bike routes.  Each of these projects helps make Seattle a little easier to navigate.  Time to get out and enjoy spring!

For more information on BTG please visit the web page.