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Just Say No to Distractions

Many of us seem to think that we are somehow uniquely capable of multi-tasking while driving. That’s simply not true and collision data proves it. In Seattle, more than 1,000 crashes are caused by inattention or distraction every year – that’s more than 1,000 completely preventable collisions! Driving requires the same visual, mental, and manual attention from each and every one of us.

Distracted driving includes more than just cell phone use. Reading a book, putting on makeup, or looking for something in the backseat takes your attention away from the road. It is imperative to stay focused on the task at hand – there is no conversation or activity that can’t wait in order to save your life or someone else’s.

Distractions affect all of us whether we’re driving, walking, or biking. The talented students at the Art Institute have put together a video which effectively illustrates the many different kinds of distractions as well as ways to rise above the temptations.

Produced by Brent Nelson, Trung Le, Marissa Morse, Heather Krause, Phil Williams, and Tuck Tongpattanakul.