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Lane Restrictions Are Coming! Lane Restrictions Are Coming!

Okay, so, not the most subtle approach, but you get it…lane restrictions – well, more of them – for the Mercer Corridor Project, begin Monday. The West Phase of the Mercer Corridor Project starts with rebuilding the SR 99 Aurora overpass (no timid start there) and, as we said before, the initial work isn’t the worst of it. The real hit comes in May, reducing Mercer Street to two eastbound lanes between 5th Avenue N and Dexter Avenue N. But, just put that on the back burner for a moment and focus on this – as of Monday, April 22, after the morning commute, the following changes take place:

  • Northbound SR 99 between Mercer Street exit and Roy Street restricted to two lanes
  • Southbound SR 99 between Aloha and Harrison streets restricted to two lanes
  • Northbound and southbound bus stops on SR 99 at Mercer Street closed
  • Westbound Broad Street reduced to a single lane just south of Harrison Street
  • Broad Street off-ramp from southbound SR 99 closed
  • Sidewalk on the west side of SR 99 closed between Thomas and Roy streets
  • Sidewalk on the east side of SR 99 closed between Republican and Roy streets

The changes listed above allow crews to make improvements in the area like installing a new traffic signal at the intersection of Broad and Harrison streets. It’s all part of a grand plan to help traffic flow as much as possible during Mercer West Phase construction, including re-opening Broad Street to two-way traffic next month (lines were repainted in early April). Other key preparation work is the new signal going in at Dexter Avenue N and Republic Street, plus signal and median revisions at the intersection of 5th Avenue N and Harrison Street (that work is planned for the weekends of April 27-28 and May 4-5). That takes us to May, when Mercer MAY frustrate MANY by going to TWO eastbound lanes, 5th to Dexter…

Find alternate routes now…as much as you possibly can!