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The 2013 Walk Bike Ride Challenge Partners with Luum


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Thanks to everyone who has registered for the 2013 Walk Bike Ride Challenge. If you haven’t already, there is still time. We love watching the numbers of participants grow and reading your creative team names.  The Challenge officially launches June 15 but already you can use our web site to connect with fellow Challengers, share tips and get motivated.

When you sign up, you’ll notice our sleek new and engaging site.  This year we’ve partnered with Luum, a Seattle-based social enterprise that mobilizes communities to create social impact. They use online challenges to stimulate friendly competition.  The Luum platform  helps motivate you and track how the group is progressing toward the goal of reducing 10,000 car trips.  So not only does our site look cooler, it also has some great features:

  • Create a Team: You are encouraged (but not required!) to create a team with friends, family, co-workers, anyone else you want to invite, and see which group can log the most trips during the Challenge.  Friendly neighborhood competitions, anyone? 
  • Connect with Facebook: Although signing up and logging into Luum with Facebook is not a requirement, you may find that it enhances the experience. It makes it easy to invite friends to accept the challenge and share what you’re what doing with Facebook friends—always initiated by you, never by us!
  • Track Your Impact: Luum shows both your impact in the challenge as well as the combined impact of all the people you brought into the challenge. So if you invited four friends to join you in the Walk Bike Ride Challenge, we’ll be able to show your total impact (miles, trips, gas saved) in addition to the impact of your friends.

Those are just a few of the great options, but you can also share photos, tips, and more!  So check it out, and then let us know what’s YOUR favorite feature.         

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