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Grist Shows the “Cycle Curious” How To Bike In the City (co-starring Mayor McGinn)

Grist, the Seattle-based environmental news and commentary site, recently unveiled a fantastic new video about cycling in urban environements. The streets of Seattle were cast to play the role of “urban environment” with a strong supporting performance from none other than Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn!  

The video is not really aimed at “mustachioed hipsters on their superbad fixies” or “spandex-clad adrenaline junkies” but is intended to reach people who are interested in getting around town via bike but are unsure about how to do it (though people of all ages and abilities could learn something from this informative piece).

Created by Daniel Penner, the video follows a woman preparing to hit the road on her bike. It shows her pre-trip preparation and various different scenarios that bikers often encounter all while providing tips on how to get around safely. It even includes one of SDOT’s most commonly cited transporation tips – Expect the Unexpected (this tip applies to everyone all of the time, by the way).

Thanks to Daniel Penner and Grist for this great work! Enjoy!