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Once Around the Web: ‘Round and Round it Goes

Have we passed peak car?
A new analysis suggests we may have. Here’s why you should still be skeptical.
Peak oil, peak car, what’s next? Peak streets?

Cars and trucks don’t kill pedestrians and cyclists; people kill pedestrians and cyclists.
Accidentally re-framed and blameless?
Driver-less cars aren’t on the road yet…but you’d never know it from most headlines!

How to (not) sound elitist when discussing transit
Book Review: Pedestrian and Transit-Oriented Design
First world, wonky, & important.

Two sides of the same coin?
The car is the next major tech platform / “The car is the cigarette of the future”
Well, which is it..? Or can it be both?

Meet San Francisco’s $82,000 Parking Spot
In some parts of the country, $80,000 will buy you a house. In San Francisco, that same money gets you one parking spot.
And yet, it ain’t got nothin’ on Boston’s latest tandem parking spot auction which sold in 15 minutes  for a staggering $560,000!