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Today is your last chance to comment on the Bike Master Plan Update!

restriped Bike Lane

In 2012, SDOT embarked on an update of the Bicycle Master Plan (BMP).  While the 2007 BMP has been effective at guiding improvements to the City’s bicycle system, an update to the plan presented an opportunity to include fast-evolving best practices and new thinking in bicycle facilities, safety, and design that will result in an even more connected bicycle network for all Seattle residents wishing to bicycle as a viable form of transportation.

Specifically, the plan update does the following:

  • Updates the current bicycle network map and incorporates facility types that are not in the existing plan, such as neighborhood greenways and cycle tracks
  • Develops a more robust process to identify areas of the greatest need and priority for bicycle facilities
  • Incorporates updates to bicycle design standards that have been developed since 2007

All the details can be found at:

Much work has been done over the past two years.  We are reaching an important milestone: today is the last day to send in comments on the BMP Update. Please send them to: