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A Turn for the Better. New Two Stage Left Turn for Bikes

SDOT is working to make bicycling a  comfortable and integral part of daily life in Seattle for people of all ages and abilities. We want bicycling to be more than a niche activity for fast and fearless riders. To help with this, we are implementing new thinking toward bicycle facilities. A couple of weeks ago we installed our first two stage left turn box. The two stage left turn box is located at Cherry Street and Seventh Avenue. It provides an easy, predictable way for people riding bikes to make a left turn from Cherry onto Seventh Avenue.  People biking on the new Cherry Street cycle track can now continue into the intersection when they have a green light and pull into the green box. They then turn 90 degrees to face north and wait for a green light to continue onto Seventh Avenue. Watch this short 43 second video to see a bicyclist using it.

We’re not just making it easier to get around the city, we have a strategy to make Seattle a city with zero traffic fatalities. Our approach is a combination of education, environment (street improvements), enforcement, evaluation and empathy. Be a super hero and “be super safe.” Learn more at