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Late summer days are perfect for…

Getting out and riding your bike!  As the long days of summer start to shorten now is a perfect time to get that bike out of the closet or garage and get out and enjoy this extended summer in the Northwest. Thanks to the Bridging the Gap (BTG) Transportation initiative it is easier than ever to get around the city by bicycle!

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) crews have been very busy this summer restriping more than 47 of the 70 lane miles of bike lanes and sharrows planned for this April 2 2013 BTG photos 020 RESIZEyear and more than two of 10 miles of new bike lanes and sharrows have been installed for 2013.  Crews have also inspected more than 40 miles of trails and have made repairs at four key locations.  You can expect to see repairs at six additional locations by the end of the year. 

It is also getting easier to navigate around the city.  So far this year more than 16 miles of bike routes have received new signage; crews expect to install 25 miles this year.  Finding a place to park your bike is also getting a little easier as crews have installed about half of their planned new bicycle parking spaces (212) for 2013. 

Now is a perfect time to jump on your bike, go for a ride and enjoy the many sights and sounds of late summer in the city.  Seattle has many great routes and is part of a regional trail system that allows you to ride until your heart’s content.  So why not get out and see what’s new.  For more information on biking in Seattle please visit the SDOT Bicycle Program website.

For more information on BTG please visit their website.