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Once Around the Web: Streetmix – Go play with your street!


Streetmix is a free web app lets you mash up bike lanes, sidewalks, parks, transit and car lanes to see what kind of arrangements might be the most appealing and practical.  What’s your vision for the street outside? More cars? More bikes? New streetcar? More street trees? More sidewalks?

The creators of Streetmix wanted to find an easier way for people to make street plans and share their work. And it seems like they’ve succeeded. In the six months since Streetmix went live, groups have used it to campaign against highway widening in Iowa, champion new buses in New Mexico, and draw attention to bike safety issues in Seattle.

Think you know how to design a perfectly balanced liveable street? Go for it! If you would like to share it with us, please add it to our Flickr group!

Read more about the creation of Streetmix here.