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Have you seen these eye-catching signs and wondered what they were all about and who posted them? They’re part of SDOT’s “Be Super Safe” outreach campaign to remind everyone to look out for each other. By making our streets safer near schools, more families are willing to walk and bike to school, keeping kids safe and fit. And the time spent with a parent(s) can be an enriching family time making for a happier school day for the child.

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The signs are funded by SDOT’s Safe Routes to School  (SRTS) program, which is also making physical improvements to the walking routes to schools such as new sidewalks, curb bulbs, marking crosswalks, and traffic calming   They were installed in the school zones at 30 schools throughout the city. The schools were chosen based on their proximity to a busy street(s) where children must cross on their way to and from school.Be-Super-Safe-Yard-Signs-6

In case you haven’t seen the signs, they specifically ask everyone to pay attention as they travel near and into school zones.  The signs ask drivers to travel slowly and follow the posted speed limit.

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The signs will be removed at the end of September because some of the messages are time-sensitive – such as “School is Back in Session.”   The response to the signs has been overwhelmingly positive so SDOT intends to repeat the driver awareness campaign in January when schools go back into session after the winter break.  The plan is to review the feedback we’ve received this past month, make some revisions, and then print updated signs.

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Seems the signs have been so popular that they have grown legs and moved to other locations near schools than where they were originally posted, so one of the requests was for schools to receive a set of the signs to keep in the front office to replace any signs that go “missing.”  If you have any suggestions for new or revised messages that should be on the next round of signs, SRTS Program Manager Brian Dougherty is very open to ideas and would love to hear from you (especially elementary school neighbors).  His email address is: