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One more reason to stare at your phone!

On Capitol Hill and in Pike-Pine, drivers can soon use their phones to pay for on-street parking. No need to visit a pay station or display a sticker on the window. This could be especially helpful for motorcycles and scooter owners who worry about losing their valid pay station stickers.

PBP-image_SDOTBlogPostThe City launched parking pay by phone in July, starting in downtown Seattle, to provide what has already demonstrated to be a popular benefit for drivers. The City will roll out the service to all areas with paid parking by November.

Users can choose to receive text message updates and buy more parking from their phone, if they have not yet reached the maximum time allowed. Just think – no more running out in the rain mid-meal or mid-haircut to add a few more minutes to the meter!

Download the app at your phone’s store or at or by calling 1-888-515-7275, to create an account with your vehicle license plate(s), cell phone number, and credit card payment info.

With an established PayByPhone account, drivers simply pay for on-street parking with their phone while using the unique location numbers for each side of street. Location numbers are on new signs installed near the pay stations and on stickers on the pay stations. Users will be charged $0.35 per transaction and do not need to display a pay station receipt on their window. Smartphones can scan the QR code or tap the Near Field Communication (NFC) tag on PayByPhone stickers to initiate streamlined payment.

The Seattle Police Department’s Parking Enforcement Officers will use separate mobile devices to check in real time license plates that have paid by phone.

You can learn more about this new tool at