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Almost one million bike trips on Fremont Bridge in 2013


SDOT now has collected a full calendar year of data from the Fremont Bridge bike counter, giving a better idea of the patterns of bicyclists in the corridor. The total number of bicycle trips counted for 2013 was 926,025, getting very close to 1M.

The day when the most trips were counted was June 4, with 5,121 trips.

What day were the fewest trips counted? It was not the day when we had a couple of inches of snow, Friday, December 20. There were 739 trips on that day. Instead it was Christmas Day, Wednesday, December 25, with 371 trips, and that is up from December 25, 2012 when only 98 trips were counted.

The day of the week with the most trips was Tuesday.

On the average, there were 106 trips an hour, 2,537 a day, and 77,169 a month.

To see the data in graph form, go to: