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Bridging the Ridge at Northgate

As the crow flies, there isn’t much distance between the Northgate Mall and the North Seattle Community College.  But crossing I-5 requires using either the overpass at N 92nd Street or the underpass at N Northgate Way (N 110th Street).  That’s quite a trek for those using the Northgate Transit Center – or the soon to be built Northgate Link Rail Station – between NE 103rd and NE 100th Streets.

Since it will apparently be awhile before we get personal jetpacks, building a bridge for non-motorized traffic seems like the way to go.  So SDOT has hired a team of consultants to help identify the best route and bridge type, given the complex contours of the area with its on/off ramps, north and south bound lanes, express lanes, medians, embankments and swales.

The map below illustrates the Northgate area and the rough location of the bridge (in the yellow bubble at the center).  The pink zone shows what would be within 15 minutes by foot of the future Northgate Link Rail Station, and the blue zone that within 15 minutes by bicycle.  Also shown are the locations for other improvements called for in various transportation plans or by the community.


Briefings will be held for interested communities throughout the project; if you’d like to arrange one for your group please email for arrangements.