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Plan Ahead for the Big Game

Cheese platters are in high demand. Products containing the colors blue or green are sold out. And people across the region are busy planning parties for the big game. If drinking alcohol is part of your game plan next Sunday, be sure to make transportation arrangements in advance. Here are a few tips to ensure every football fan stays super safe next weekend:

1. Have a wing-man (or wing-woman). Whether you’re walking, biking, driving, taking the bus or a cab to watch the game, travel with a buddy and look out for each other.

2. Choose a Designated Driver. Operating a motor vehicle properly while under the influence is not possible. It’s a well known fact. Make arrangements for you or a friend to stay sober if driving is part of your plans.

3. Park it. If you have too much fun, and don’t have a sober friend around, do what’s right for yourself and everyone else – leave your car parked. Spend the night at your buddies house or call a cab. The same is true for Hawk fans biking to big game festivities.

4. Walk safe. Walking while intoxicated is an extremely bad idea. Make sure you have someone to lean on if you’ve had too much to drink. Perhaps that aforementioned wing-person?

Let’s make sure championship Sunday is all about football. Go Hawks!

Oh, and if you decide to make the bad choice of driving drunk, this guy’s gonna get you: