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Why are there white paint marks on my street?

That’s a question we’ve been hearing lately from folks in Arbor Heights and Fauntleroy.

If you see white paint on streets in these neighborhoods, chances are you’re looking at a spot where SDOT will make minor repairs such as filling potholes, cracks and depressions this winter.

(Paint is also used to mark the location of underground utilities, alert the public about an uplifted sidewalk, etc., but that’s for another blog post…)

pic of street repairThese minor fixes are an important step to prepare selected streets in Arbor Heights and Fauntleroy to receive a microsurfacing sealcoat this summer.

Microsurfacing is cost-effective way to extend the life of streets which are in servicable condition.  These minor repairs ensure that all the streets in the project are in good condition so this preventive maintenance sealcoat will be effective.

It’s like painting a house.  The sealcoat is like the paint, which protects the siding from the weather.  And every good painter does prep work such as filling gaps and holes before they start painting.

More info on microsurfacing and the 2014 project are here.