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Moving Freight = Creating Jobs = Supplying Customers


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We all generally realize the importance of getting goods from ships, rail terminals and warehouses to their ultimate destinations – for example, a factory owner waiting for delivery of a machine part; a restaurant counting on their daily supply of fresh fish; a clothing store looking to display the latest seasonal fashions; a neighborhood hardware store needing to keep its shelves well-stocked. Our economy at every level is dependent upon reliable deliveries of all sorts of products, many of which eventually wind up in people’s homes and businesses.

To help ensure these critical deliveries take place without undue delay, Seattle, the Puget Sound region and the broader state and national economy rely upon an efficient transportation system. In 2014, SDOT will be looking at its streets, roads and bridges to see where improvements are needed to keep freight moving safely and smoothly.  In doing this work SDOT will have to ensure that the freight network also works well with all the other travel modes we value – walking, biking and riding public transit.

In 2014, keep your eye on two freight planning projects: the Seattle Freight Access Project which is being done in partnership with the Port of Seattle and is focusing on the city’s two Manufacturing and Industrial Centers – SODO and Ballard/Northend; and the Freight Master Plan which will look at freight mobility and access on a city-wide basis.  Work on the Freight Access project is underway, while work on the Freight Master Plan will begin early this spring.  More information can be found at

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