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The New Question for 21st Century Cities is one Seattle Needs to Be Asking Right Now!

The New Question for 21st Century Cities
is one Seattle Needs to Be Asking Right Now!


With the stinging failure of Prop 1, folks here at SDOT and around the City are taking stock and trying to figure out what to do next. Check out these links for more information!

Plan C..? What’s Plan C?

Seattle transit advocates announce ballot measure to keep buses rolling

Seattleish is On Blast:

90 years of  !@#*$%! up Seattle public transit history

Hey everyone, the Seattle Times !@#*$%! you over

Ed Murray and Co.

Seattle Transit Blog did yeoman’s work getting the Pro Proposition 1 message out there and they certainly aren’t letting the defeat stop them:

Closing Argument

Proposition 1 Failing

A Seattle Initiative to Save Service

The Stranger isn’t going to not chime in:

It’s Time for Plan C: A Seattle-Only Transit Solution

Plan C and the Manhattanization of Seattle

Washington Policy Center put it this way:

Failure of the measure does not mean people want bus service cuts

Publicola covers Metro’s Kevin Desmond’s response:

Metro Head: Seattle-Only Bus Plan Would Stiff Suburbs

Remember when the Seattle Times coyly asked:

Prop. 1: Isn’t there a better way to fund transit?

(Sure, there must be! But you go to war with the army you have right Seattle Times?)

And just a few more links in case you’ve been under a rock lately:

“Friends of Transit” Plan Would Fund Bus Service for Routes Mostly in Seattle

Time to Hand Over Your Car Lanes, Seattle Drivers

As Prop. 1 falters, Metro fans ask, ‘Now what?’

County Executive and Council to take next steps with defeat of Proposition 1

Time to Move On to Metro Funding Plan C: Seattle Should Buy Back Proposed In-City Cuts

Group to File City Initiative to Reverse Metro Bus Reductions in Seattle

Metro On The Chopping Block

So who voted yes and who voted no? Hint: Blue = yes.