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Time to Start Building More Neighborhood Greenways

Woman_kid trailor-1 RESIZE Neighborhood greenways are safer, calmer residential streets for you, your family and neighbors. On streets with low car volumes and speeds, installing a series of small traffic improvements can add up to a big difference.

Seattle currently has about 10 miles of neighborhood greenways in place. This summer we’re building the next round in the Jackson Place, Madison Park, Olympic Hills (Lake City), University District, and Wedgwood neighborhoods. People who live, work, play and shop in the areas can look forward to 20 MPH streets taking them to where they want to go. To reinforce the calmer speeds, speed humps are being added and stop signs placed on streets intersecting the greenway. The stop signs halt drivers before entering the greenway so they can look and see if anyone is coming. They also give priority to those walking and biking along the route. We’ll also make pavement and temporary sidewalk repairs; add wayfinding signs; put in curb ramps at busy streets and add bicycle pavement markings to help guide users and alert drivers that they are sharing the street.

Speed hump construction requires on-street parking restrictions for a minimum of two days and may include additional time for prep. Construction notices will be delivered to impacted properties prior to work starting, as well as ‘no park’ signs placed in advance.

Let’s continue to celebrate the creation of a citywide network of facilities in Seattle for people of all ages and abilities to walk and bike along.