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Once Around the Web: Watch This!

Unless your name is Weird Al, pop song parodies are seldom successful. Never mind pop song parodies by governmental agencies trying to impart important, if unexciting, information on little to no budget. That’s the basic recipe for a hot mess, right? That’s why this video from Akron Metro is so great – it’s surprisingly adept, funny, and informative! Check out All About That Bus (parody of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”)

For the super wonky among us, check out this video from David Levinson. David teaches Introduction to Transportation Engineering at the University of Minnesota and he’s got a whole YouTube channel full of videos about key topics from his class. Do you know the difference between an approach, a cycle and a phase when it comes to traffic lights? You will after you watch this video on Traffic Signal Terminology. Well, you’ll either learn something or you’ll cure your insomnia. It’s a win/win!

Seriously though, the videos provide a very detailed overview on transportation engineering and some of its complexities. They might even give you a new appreciation for what DongHo Chang, Seattle’s City Traffic Engineer, and the whole Traffic Management team here at SDOT are up against every day. Timing traffic signals, Traffic Analysis at Signalized Intersections, Solving For Impedance, and so much more await you!