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The Hill is Hoppin’ even if the Cranes are Diggin’!

One thing that’s clear on Capitol Hill is that it’s sometimes not clear due to construction. There’s a lot of construction. Though projects are finishing and leaving shiny new developments in their wake (as shown in green on the map below), completion can’t come soon enough when you’re surrounded.



As we mentioned a couple weeks ago, Capitol Hill businesses are open! Development in the area bounded by 10th Avenue, E Pike Street, 11th Avenue and E Union Street is pretty concentrated so keep your eyes open as you travel to Wild Rose, Cupcake Royale or Café’ Pettirosso. They’re keeping their eyes out for you, creating events to make your arrival well worth it…


One example is next Monday’s Public Market at Café Pettirosso, with the Holiday-core quintet Dancer & Prancer. The pop-up market will feature local crafts, artists and vintage curators to meet your shopping needs while the back-drop of cheery holiday music makes the particularly palatable Pettirosso flavors all the more pleasing…


The Wild Rose Tavern is also looking out for you this New Year’s Eve. Not letting construction get the corner on the street-closing market, the Wild Rose is closing E Pike Street between 10th and 11th avenues from 7AM December 31st until 5AM January 1, New Year’s Day. For its 30th Anniversary the Tavern is hosting a party in the street–complete with tents, outdoor bar, stage and sound system. As you make your plans to attend, remember that 11th Avenue near that segment will not be available for use. WildRoseParty


So, remember to visit Capitol Hill early and often, or late and often—just often. The hill is hoppin’ even if the cranes are diggin’. Speaking of which, the next big project in the area, at 1427 11th Avenue East, is scheduled to start December 17, 2014. The Access Seattle Construction Hub team is on it…and we’ll keep you posted as we coordinate!


P.S. It’s not like we have a Pet Project or anything, but there is a Yappy Hour we’d like to mention. No, that’s not a typo. The Feed Bag, at 518 East Pike Street, says “Feliz Navi-Dog” December 18 with nummies for Fido and human alike. So grab a leash and head on over next Thursday!