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Meet Kyle Rowe, SDOT Pedestrian and bicycle transportation planner

On the SDOT blog, we often feature safety improvements and innovative ideas and projects. But, you may be curious about the people behind those ideas.

Following our recent blog post about Seattle’s First Bicycle Leaning Rails, we wanted to highlight one of our SDOT employees, Kyle Rowe, who actually helped design (from scratch!) the bicycle leaning rail for the City. With a nod to the bicycle leaning rails used in Copenhagen, Kyle worked with his fellow SDOT colleagues to determine the size and dimensions, materials, functionality and look for these rails. In addition to providing a place to stop, the leaning rail will also feature a push button that bike riders can use to trigger a crossing at the traffic light. The leaning rail will make a busy intersection safer for everyone using it.

Kyle Rowe1

Kyle is a project lead for bicycle, pedestrian and other safety improvement projects in SDOT’s Traffic Management division. Those handy City of Seattle bike maps? Yep, Kyle is one of the key people in charge of updating and producing those every year. Ever seen or used a “bike corral” to park your bike? Chances are, Kyle helped get it installed. Kyle also helps implement the projects identified in the City’s Bike Master Plan and Pedestrian Master Plan to improve safety, mobility and accessibility throughout Seattle.

We’re looking forward to sharing more of the faces and stories behind SDOT’s everyday work.