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SDOT Crews Taking (and Building) Steps to Reconnect Neighborhoods

Stairway Pix 1

An SDOT crew (Kurt and Brett) has been hard at work replacing a stairway that will reconnect South Grand Street from Bradner Place at the top of the hill to South Grand at 28th Avenue South. Once the new access is completed, neighbors and families with children traveling through the neighborhood can easily get to and from Bradner Gardens Park and the community P-Patch above the stairway to the east, and can get to nearby Colman Playground and other nearby parks below the stairway to the west. This and other SDOT projects are working to modernize and enhance mobility throughout the city.

The original stairway was built in the 1930’s and was steep, narrow, and overgrown with trees and bushes making it look like what was described as a “hobbit hole”.

The task of making a new wider stairway that is up to modern code required clearing the overgrown tree canopy above and around the entrance at the top, demolishing and recycling the old stairway, and then widening the path, then creating a landing after the first twenty steps to project the stairway out from the hillside which decreased the angle and steepness of the stairway.

Stairway Pix 4

New stairway – in progress

SDOT carpenters Kurt and Brett are part of two person crews who work on these projects from start to finish. This involves clearing of foliage, demolition, engineering and framing of the new stairway for concrete pouring, and building the rails to ensure a safe, accessible new stairway.



Stairway Pix 8

Stairway before

Stairway Pix 2

Stairway in progress

The Bradner Place stairway project started in November and is expected to be completed by February, we’ll bring you an update once it completed.

Stairway Pix 3