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Happy Lunar New Year! Seattle Streetcar Stations Highlight Cultural Heritage of Chinatown-International District

Spring arrived early in Chinatown-International District this week! Just in time for Lunar New Year, three Seattle Streetcar stations sprouted bold flowers and graceful icons symbolizing the neighborhood’s cultures:

  •  5th & Jackson, Japantown – Cherry Blossom symbolizes the ephemeral nature of life; Daruma doll represents good luck in reaching a goal, Koi fish symbolizes good fortune, and Crane signifies good fortune and longevity.
5th and Jackson Street Station - Cherry Blossom

5th and Jackson Street Station – Cherry Blossom

  • 7th & Jackson, Chinatown – Chrysanthemum is native to China; Bat symbolizes good luck, LionDog wards off evil spirits, and medallion represents good fortune.
7th and Jackson Street Station - Chrysanthemum

7th and Jackson Street

7th and Jackson Street

7th and Jackson Street Station – Chrysanthemum












  • 12th & Jackson, Little Saigon – Hoa Mai flower is popular in Vietnam during Lunar New Year; Tiger represents stability and strength, Ox means good luck and good health, and Turtle symbolizes heaven and earth.
13th and Jackson

13th and Jackson Street Station – Hoa Mai flower


13th and Jackson Station - Hoa Mai flower

13th and Jackson











Local design firm TMarks Design created these colorful graphics in collaboration with local business owners, residents and SDOT. The station installations are one of the more visible steps toward the start of service on the First Hill Streetcar Line, a new urban mobility option funded through Sound Transit’s “ST2” mass transit expansion plan.

The First Hill Streetcar will support economic growth and strengthen connections among the places where people live, work and socialize. It will be an important link in the regional transit system, and will connect the diverse and vibrant residential neighborhoods and business districts of Capitol Hill, First Hill, Yesler Terrace, Central Area, Chinatown ID and Pioneer Square. The first completed car for the new line is expected to be delivered to the Streetcar Operations & Maintenance Facility on February 27. After delivery, components removed for shipping will be re-installed, and all of the systems will be re-tested before the car is approved for testing on city streets. See for regular updates on the streetcar start-up process.