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Seattle is Growing…and so is Access

Seattle is booming. Right now there are approximately 100 active and upcoming construction projects in downtown; 129 current and upcoming projects across four hub areas outside of city center; and one very busy Access Seattle team.


The effort that began nearly one year ago is a big step for the City of Seattle—managing construction impacts holistically across all projects, public and private. That big step has met with appreciation, profound need and budget approval to hire a third site coordinator.


The Access Seattle Construction Hub Coordination program kicked off in 2014 with two site coordinators: Ken Ewalt and Wayne Gallup. They meet regularly with contractors, area residents and business owners to identify and resolve construction conflicts. They’ve become pretty well-known as hard-working honest guys dedicated to problem solving—from collaboration and guidance to enforcement and follow through. Joining them just this week is Jack Bighorse, direct from private sector work as the resident engineer for the Mercer West Project.



Jack Bighorse is new to SDOT but not new to the work. For Mercer West he was responsible for coordinating all private and public projects in and around the site. He has 20+ years of construction management and inspection services experience and has worked on numerous projects including the SR 99 Bore Tunnel, I-90 Homer Hadley Bridge, Sound Transit I-5 Pike/Pine and the Alaskan Way Viaduct Tunneling project. Suffice it to say he can hit the ground running and we may quite literally need that—it’s busy out there!


The Access Seattle Site Coordinators are working to be single points of contact for efficient, clear communication. Some businesses have told us they’ve come to see Ken and Wayne as family, working together for fair results. Now, just as we welcome Jack to the fold, Wayne will be out for one month to spend time with his family out of state. So we’re not quite at 3…but we will be by April 27, 2015. In the meantime, welcome Jack; be aware that Jack and Ken will be sharing duties across all hubs the next four weeks; and let us know what questions you have about our growing team and critical effort to limit cumulative construction impacts. You can reach us at:


If you’re not very familiar with Access Seattle and its Construction Hub Coordination Program, check out some of these blog posts. Keep reading and we’ll keep working to Move Seattle!